I’ve always loved photography. I bought my first camera a Kodak pocket instamatic, as a kid when our hometown flooded.  My first 35 mm was the Nikon 6006.  This was the beginning of the photography bug.  But I had know idea the gift of a Nikkor 105 mm macro lens thirteen years ago from my husband would become so important. 

A gift that helped me discover a passion and purpose in life.  What started as a way of surviving the death of my husband 15 years ago has now become a passion so strong, I can’t imagine life without it.  My images are from the heart.  I’m an emotional shooter.  It’s the feeling I get when I’m shooting and the love that I connect to.  The pain allowed me to tap into something so personal that I hesitated to share my images in the beginning.  When I did what I heard people say stunned me.  What I didn’t realize was, others were connecting to the peace I was seeking. The soft fluid lines, the blending of colors and the tiniest focal point gave them and me a sense of comfort, simplicity and peace.  A place to take in the beauty without needing anything else and a place to escape from reality.  


This has been quite a journey and I foresee no end.  I’ve branched out.  I am teaching and love to ignite that spark of creativity. Photography is such a wonderful tool, it has a way of helping you work through life.  One click at a time, each taking you to a place of adventure, if you allow it.  The adventure does not have to be an iconic destination, it can simply be in your backyard.


I hope when you view my images you feel that same sense of peace I do.  I invite you to see what I see through the lens